Time and Time Again

  1. This song fits what I’m thinking right now ;)


  3. Another

    Another time, and another place. We have changed, yet we still remain the same in each others’ hearts. It seems somewhat obvious that we like each other, but I still have that feeling of “what happens if…” every time she comes back into my head. Don’t get me wrong, I really want her to be with me for as long as time allows, but it still scares me. I fell in love with her nearly two years ago. I remember it well. It may have started out very childish, yet in the end it seemed very real and “mature” if you may put it. She filled me with joy and sorrow and enjoyment talking with her. Now is no different. 

    She could be my ticket out of my bothers, out of my angers, out of my failures, and into my life forever. Who knows how it will go but as for me, I will make this shine. Shine so brightly that it will never dim down. Respect and devotion. I know I’m going to pull my weight and she may pull hers too. I’ll be glad if we can get beyond what we failed to surpass the first and second times. Some people may believe that what we are doing is stupid, idiotic, impossible, gross, or whatever they want to. I say to these people. Fuck off. I care about her, she cares about me, and that’s all that matters. Don’t judge a book by its cover, let the story itself be the judge. I will live my life how I want it, hopefully with her. I couldn’t have gone so far without my best friend though. I’m grateful for this. And hopefully, even more grateful. If she says yes.